Good Equipment Installation Procedures

​In order to get the results of the installation of equipment is good and correct, then you should pay attention to the following, among others: 

– Check the position / point according to the design and mark clearly and precision. 

– Check the equipment to be installed, whether it is in accordance with the expected design specifications. 

– Make sure that the equipment and the design of the location are as expected in terms of operation and maintenance aspects or if there is a replacement. 

– If all three are appropriate, then follow the instruction manual according to the equipment. – When the equipment is very technical, it should be done by personal engineering. 

– Pay attention to safety and health affecting around the work site, by utilizing sufficient safety equipment. May be useful. Good luck and success always.

Straw Savior

Most people assume bottled mineral water drinking straws as something normal. In fact, many events or happenings of emergency can be resolved by a straw role. Ever there was one interesting event, where there is a child who have difficulty swallowing food was hampered in her throat, so that it becomes difficult to breathe. At that time, the child is looked pale from lack of oxygen. When everyone wondering how to order the child can drink intake to launch these foods without choked, saw the former straw tucked in a cup of beverage packaging. Without another thought, a young man who was helping him, take a straw and put it into the glass, and menjulurkannya into the child’s mouth. Slowly and gradually, drinking water is sucked, and the child looks is able to swallow food. A few minutes after being released from foods that clog his throat, the child gradually seen his face flushed. Yes, fortunately there straws, although the former. Simple, but it really means a lot when the way or a better alternative is not available. Hope can be a good and useful teaching, which is a straw that is trivial, but it can save the life of a child. That’s another story about a straw.

Roadside Haircut 

          Some people consider that a haircut and maintain the appearance of the face remains fresh not is of lesser importance. Meanwhile, not a few people who argue that the appearance, primarily the face is something that must be maintained. In the world of work and business professionals, inevitably people still expected to keep up appearances, of course, the main thing is the ability or performance. Although, often several professions which would require excellent personality. Demands that, then cut the hair and facial care becomes an important requirement. From this, it is currently so many emerging business ventures or haircut and facial treatments to clinics with specialists, have sprung up like mushrooms in the rainy season. 

Hair Cut efforts

         Maybe people see this business looks lightly at first. I happened to meet with an entrepreneur roadside haircut. He has a business haircut in 5th place, with 5 barber. Due to the work of the employees are good, then the average service users was approximately 20 to 25 customers come to every place of business. He set a price for his services was Rp. 7000, _. Thus, almost every day he obtained gross proceeds of Rp. 700,000.00, and a one-month (25 working days) reached 17,500,000.00. He said that net income every month approximately Rp.8,000,000.00. Of course, this new hair cut services only. While there are some customers who use the services of shaving mustaches and sideburns, which would increase income.

Side Impact

In operational environments roadside haircut recently, most customers later got to know one another. Within this community, they usually also sell goods to each other. Starting from a hobby (bird, dog, agate, and so on), until the sales of motorcycles, cars, and even land and houses. Very interesting indeed, because this community is not only followed by a class of age, but from teenagers to the elderly. Its important point here is that of a simple haircut efforts, its economic impact is significant.

Value for customers

Back to how people must keep up appearances with a haircut, then customers also receive other benefits, namely members of the community, which would be an opportunity to get other economic benefits. But, of course, again the willingness of the people themselves. This article is just an observation, which may not be detailed. But what matters more is that the opportunities for economic empowerment, in fact many businesses are built by the roadside, and the circulation of money or turnover which is not small. In addition, hopefully this article can provide inspiration for other types of business, or as an effort to develop models of modern business. “No business can succeed without a try and possibly fail”

TPM in Process Industries

Buku yang diterbitkan oleh JIPM; Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, dan telah diedit oleh Tokutaro Suzuki, sangat bagus dan lengkap untuk digunakan sebagai panduan dalam menerapkan Manajemen Perawatan (Maintenance Management) pada industri-2 manufaktur maupun pabrik dalam skala kecil sampai besar.

Dengan menekankan pada tujuan atau target dalam produktifitas dan efrktifitas, maka ada beberapa bahasan yang dipandang penting, untuk diikuti oleh industri-2 dan pabrik, yaitu dalam hal:

1. Bagaimana memaksimalkan keefektifan pabrik, dengan memaksimalkan keefektifan di setiap proses di dalam pabrik secara menyeluruh.

2. Bagaimana melakukan perbaikan berkesinambungan secara tepat untuk menghilangkan Pemborosan pada 6 out put (Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale) di lini produksi.

3. Bagaimana menciptakan Sistem dan Tim Perawatan Mandiri yang handal.

4. Bagaimana mengefektifkan Perawatan Terencana. (Building PM system, Steps to be Implemented, Improvement, dll.)

5. Bagaimana menciptakan Sistem Perawatan yang berkualitas (Qualty Maintenance)

6. Bagaimana mendisain dan menerapkan Manajemen Petencanaan Perawatan lebih Dini, dengan mempertimbangkan Biaya dan Umur Peralatan; Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

7. Bagaimana membuat sistem pelatihan untuk mengurangi kesenjangan kompetensi keahlian opetator dan teknisi.

8. Bagaimana menyiapkan Sistem Pendukung dan Administrasi yang baik dalam Pengelolaan Sistem Perawatan Pabrik.

9.Bagaimana membangun lingkungan pabrik yang sehat, ramah, dan aman, sehingga mampu meminimalkan risiko-2 terhadap kecelakaan kerja dan polusi atas limbah-2 yang ditimbulkan.

Menerapkan Sistem Manajemen Perawatan tersebut memang tidaklah semudah Teori-2 yang sangat variatif yang banyak tersedia di berbagai tempat. Oleh karena itu, penting bagi Perusahaan atau Pabrik, secara hati-2 dalam upaya untuk menerapkannya. Hal ini mengingat, ketika suatu sistem diadopsi utk diterapkan, namun tidak diikuti dengan bagaimana menciptakan budaya atau kultur yang dituntut oleh penerapan sistem itu, maka hasilnya tentu menjadi kurang efektif.

Semoga bermanfaat.